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January 01


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Paradise, Grenville, St. Andrews. Grenada, W.I.

KennyC Biography



Hails from Paradise St. Andrews, Grenada,W.I.
KennyC is proud and happy to call Toronto, Ontario, Canada home but will always have a special place in his heart for his birthland Grenada.This love of country has inspired him to compose SWEET GRENADA - the first single from his first album: Longtime Coming

A natural born singer, at the age of fifteen years, his boyhood friends in the village of Paradise affectionately nicknamed him "Bob Marley" but his friends and family will wait several years to hear KennyC original style – KennyC describes the wait period as, “poor people children does not always get the right time to shine, what Jah design for you will always come to you in this life” 


Early influences

Some of KennyC early music influences include Bob Marley, Mighty Sparrow & Lionel Ritchie. "I'm drawn to these legends because they create(d) timeless, classic master tunes that would probably be hits for several generations to come. They tell a story - one with hope and positive outcomes or some times they force you to assess life, to see wrong doings and sometimes they even offer solutions. In a sense they give you a chance to check yourself and turn bad situations around."


KennyC own compositions/albums: (LONG TIME COMING, LIVE LIFE and INFECTIOUS (to be released in 2016) Carry his own conscious messages and Language of love..





With two albums under his belt and INFECTIOUS album in close pursuit KennyC is poised to perform at international venues. His mixture of Reggae and Soca gives concert goers the variety that would spice up any event. Ninety percent of his songs are original lyrics and music.On INFECTIOUS album, KennyC has ventured out to work with a couple of other producers just to offer a sense of variety to his fans but his admiration for the talent of his first producer, Osborne Ifield Joseph is stronger than ever. The first single from INFECTIOUS; Just What I Need is produced by Osborne Ifield Joseph.

personal life

"I made up me mind to NEVER GIVE UP. I Was not always a professional singer but I was BORN TO SING. I Had my own landscaping company until a few years ago when I got badly hurt in a car accident that inflamed most of my joints. I Just could no longer do the physical work that goes along with the job as a result of the accident and I started singing to deal with the pain and depression. Something divine - BLESSED happened one day. A friend of a friend came by to visit me because I was sick and I said to him, I'm sitting here like a vegetable, taking pain killers several times a day. The only thing I do sometimes to eaze the fustration is sing and he replied, "well I'm a music producer so you should come by my studio when you feel a bit better and show me what you got." Friends that Gentleman who help change the course of my existence is Osborne Ifield Joseph and the first song we recorded: SWEET GRENADA became a hit in Grenada, my country of birth. I wrote that song remembering that beautiful little Island where my nable string bury, I was remembering the healing salt water right around the island and the various organic plants (BUSH TEA) you can use to cure most any ailments. The rest is history in the making. Jah has redirected me to use the talent I was born to let shine by dimming other talents I once showcased and I plan TO NEVER GIVE UP.

I am a deeply spiritual person who believes that through God all things are possible. "